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Membership Privileges

Because we know the agony of having to go through the procedures of booking a good room for the holiday, our hotel saves you all this trouble as it offers you the chance to have a home in the hotel by purchasing a holiday home. The concept of that idea is very simple, you can buy the holiday home you want for like a week or two per year. As an owner, you have complete privacy where you can entertain, relax and enjoy any of the resort’s facilities. All this in addition to the sheer pleasure of regularly coming back to a familiar and well-loved place. For the period of 30 years, as an owner at Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club, you can do whatever you want to your unit; you can use your unit, gift it to friends or family, sell it, or bequeath it to your heirs at any time during the 30-years ownership period. Holiday ownership brings you the future. Since you already own tomorrow’s vacation at today’s rate, you are protected against rising holiday costs. Your property is looked after all year round by the Hilton’s staff. The maintenance of your unit includes painting, decorating inside and out, repairing and replacing furniture and equipment, landscaping and maintenance of the grounds, and of course a complete weekly cleaning.

With RCI, you can control your staying period by borrowing your week(s) from the following year to be used this ‎year, or you can deposit your week(s) and postpone using them to the following year. Moreover, you can exchange your week(s) and use it (them) at over 4000 resorts worldwide.

DAE Worldwide Vacation Exchange As an owner at HSDVC, you will enjoy the benefits of DAE Gold membership. With the DAE exchange system, you can exchange your week(s) to other locations at magnificent quality resorts worldwide. A simple, easy explained exchange system. No membership fee required. Three-year credit for every banked week. One low exchange fee (Domestic or International) A “Request First” exchange model (no fee until confirmation) For more details and information in respect of the DAE, please visit or contact: 00202 24633300

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TEL: +20-69-3603040 FAX: +20-69-360-2828