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What If I Decide To Change My Holiday Dates?

Exchanges can be arranged to stay at the resort at different times of the year, subject to availability of accommodation.

What Other Memberships Do I Qualify For?

Besides RCI or DAE memberships, owners at Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club are also enrolled automatically as members of Hilton HHonors, the award-winning guest loyalty program operated by Hilton through its family of over 4600 hotels worldwide.

How Are The Units Built And Furnished?

The units are designed to high specifications, with heating and air-conditioning. They have a spacious lounge-dining area, a kitchenette, and the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. Furnishing is comprehensive and comfortable, with carefully coordinated finishes and fabrics. The units have a TV in the lounge area and in each bedroom.

Do The Prices Of The Units Vary?

Yes - according to the season of the year and the size of the unit. Obviously a week in Platinum Season will cost more than a week in Silver Season and a unit that can accommodate eight persons will be more expensive than a unit for two persons only.

How Often Do I Have My Unit Cleaned?

Owners will be provided with a daily tidy-up service and a full Housekeeping service once a week.

When Does The Weekly Period Start?

It starts from 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, ending at 12:00 noon the following Saturday. Different dates may be applicable for Christmas, New Year, or special holiday periods.

When Is The Starting Date Of My Ownership At Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club?

As an owner, you can start using your week(s) at Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club as soon as you have paid 30% of the price of your holiday ownership and your maintenance charge for the current year.

How many weeks can I purchase ?

There is no restriction. For convenience, the year is divided into weekly periods from Saturday to Saturday. Many people wish to own two, three, four or even more weeks, which can be split between Platinum, Gold, and Silver Seasons, and among different units.

What Services Does The Resort Offer?

The resort offers a wide range of facilities and services for dining, relaxation, and leisure. These include restaurants and bars, lounges, regular live entertainment, swimming pools, etc. In addition, the resort is situated in an area of outstanding visitor appeal, with a wide range of attractions and activities.

Are There Any Other Costs?

Yes - You pay for your own telephone calls and any charges you may incur from the resort such as meals, drinks, use of leisure facilities, etc.

What Does The Maintenance Charge Include?

It includes general service charges (covering all utilities and taxes), cleaning and servicing of the unit, insurance, and general operating costs. Please see the Owner’s Guide for further details.

What About The Maintenance Charge?

There is an annual maintenance charge as well as Additional service expenses to cover the upkeep of the units, essential to ensure that their value is protected. The maintenance charge is reviewed and approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. The maintenance charge collection is managed by Hilton International and spent to ensure efficient and first class service.

What Are My Rights Regarding The Management Of The Resort?

Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club has been created as a fancy resort with a package of benefits designed to afford Holiday Owners the greatest value and satisfaction

Tell Me More About My Options As A Holiday Owner At The Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club?

Our owners can enjoy a package of benefits that will give them the maximum flexibility in using and planning for their vacations: Nine swimming pools - three heated in winter. Use their allocated week at Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club. Trade it for Hilton HHonors points (in non-consecutive years) and Subsequently enjoy a variety of leisure options. Exchange it at any of 5144 other holiday resorts worldwide through RCI, including Hilton Grand Vacations. Deposit it at RCI and postpone using it to the following year. Borrow it from the following year to use it this year through RCI. Gift it to friends and family Or you can exchange it through DAE.

How Does Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club Compare With Other Holiday Ownership Resorts?

The benefits acquired under a timeshare, time ownership or holiday ownership agreement vary from resort to another, including the nature of the rights acquired, the duration for which they are acquired, etc. Thirty-year term offered at the Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club, renders its price competitive and affordable. In addition, the many options offered as part of Holiday Ownership at the Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club mean that Holiday Owners will retain the ability to suit their own lifestyle and future travel and vacation plans. Plus, with Hilton, Holiday Owners are guaranteed first-class service and a great holiday.

Who Owns and Operates Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club ?

The Hilton Sharm Dreams Resort, including the holiday ownership units and the ground on which they stand, has been developed by and are owned by Sharm Dreams Co. for Touristic (Investment) S.A.E. As an owner at the resort, your purchase agreement is a contract with Sharm Dreams Co. for Touristic (Investment) S.A.E. The resort operates as a Hilton resort under license from Hilton International Grand Vacations Company. The day to day management of Hilton Sharm Dreams Resort (including the Vacation Club) is carried out by Hilton International on behalf of Sharm Dreams Company for Touristic Investment S.A.E. This covers maintenance of the buildings, grounds, roads etc. Additionally, Hilton International carries out regular servicing and cleaning of the units, and looking after all aspects of their day-to-day upkeep.

What Is My Legal Position ?

This is fully set out in your purchase agreement but, to sum it up, once you have paid your holiday ownership in full, you will become a permanent holiday owner at the Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club . In case you have paid 30% of the price of your holiday ownership and your maintenance charge for the current year, you can exercise your right to holiday at the Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club (but remember that you have to keep up your payments according to the agreed schedule in order to maintain such right and to become a permanent Holiday Owner)

Are There Any Other Advantages ?

The first advantage of the Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club is that the property is excellently managed, on behalf of Sharm Dreams Company for Touristic Development (Investment) S.A.E. by Hilton, the first name in hospitality and one of the world’s best known and most trusted brands. Purchasing a holiday ownership at a Hilton resort means that holiday owners have that same reassurance of service which guests enjoy at Hilton. Accordingly, Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club offers all the amenities of an outstanding 5-star resort, including restaurants, bars and leisure facilities, ensuring that a complete range of service is available for guests while on holiday. In addition, holiday ownership at the Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club comprises a package of benefits designed to enhance its value for holiday owners, including more flexibility in exercising their right of occupancy and several exchange options.

How Do I Reserve My Holiday Each Year ?

As an owner at Hilton Sharm Dreams Vacation Club you will receive a Reservations Guide, explaining how you can reserve your vacations during the applicable season.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Holiday Ownership ?

Holiday Ownership secures for you, your family or your company, an annual holiday in an outstanding location. Each unit comfortably accommodates from two up to four, six or eight guests. In addition, holiday ownership frees you from the hassle of booking an annual vacation. It means you never again have to face a price rise for your holiday accommodation. It takes care of your unit and ensures that someone is looking after your property all year round.

What Exactly Is Holiday Ownership?

The concept of Holiday Ownership is simple, you do a single payment that allows you to acquire the right to occupy a unit in a luxurious holiday resort which is then yours to use for a period of one week or more each year for the duration of your holiday ownership. You can control everything about your unit; the size, the season of the year during which you’d like to use it. You can lend it to friends and members of your family for the period during which you are entitled to holiday there. Holiday Ownership (also known as Time Ownership) is a highly flexible way to gain the privacy and freedom of your own holiday home in a beautiful location.

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